Mixed Building Stone

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Sustainably sourced from our Cotswold quarries throughout the trusted Johnston Quarry Group, our mixed building stone is available in a range of course sizes, as well as two different colours: cream and gold. It is supplied as rough dressed.

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Popular in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, our mixed building stone is the ideal limestone for both contemporary and traditional projects.

Our rough dressed mixed building stone is also perfect for internal and external wall cladding, commercial schemes, as well as landscaping and garden designs.

Whether for restoration projects, extensions or new build developments you can be assured of the highest quality from Building Stone. All of our rough dressed Cotswold mixed building stone is finished to meet all British Building Regulations.

It is hand-picked at random lengths and then guillotined hydraulically to a desired bed width of 100-150mm by our talented team of stonemasons. The building stone is then finished using hand tools and sorted into relative course heights to your specification (generally with face heights between 50-150mm). For bespoke course heights please contact our team for more information.

Our mixed building stone is supplied and delivered in one tonne bulk bags, with each tonne providing between 4-4.5 metres square depending on mortar joint or dry bedding.

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